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I've successfully finished installation and upload all images. Now I need to change sorting from "File name" to "Date". I moved to Setup->Main Setup, then change default sorting to Date, then click Save. After page reload I see again default sorting by Filename. Why it's happening and how it can be fixed?

And one more problem. I'm using for titles folders and filenames russian characters. It's ok for web album, all the titles appears very well. But if I check my directories from SSH session, for example, I see some strange characters. As result I don't know what is this title means. How to solve it?

My gallery accessable by following URL

Thank you!


The problems partly solved.

The problems partly solved. I've entered to each directory and found there sorting option, it's working well.
But still unsolved problem with directories and files title. Waiting for your support.

You are right, there is a

You are right, there is a problem in beta version, hopefully i can sonn release new beta. Sorry for the late anwser.

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