Images showing up as X in IE : Not Firefox

Click gllaery Marisha )password marisha) and you will see that the thumbnails arn't showing up. The photos have been uploaded and are less than 2mb.

Any ideas guys? I saw this topic in many other places but it didn't help.

Hi, your albums are


your albums are passworded so i can't see it. But what do you mean with 2mb?. Because depending on your aviable memory in php setup, images with file size 2mb could be quite big. Try to upload an image with size 640x480, if it works you can try upload bigger 1024x768 ... and this way you can test what is the biggiest image you can use in your album.



Sorry Marisha's password is marisha.
Will try your sugestion, thanks for responding!

Images already resized

Note that images are already uploaded in 640X480 , thumbnails do not appear in IE.

There are 2 albums in the

There are 2 albums in the client area now (, one of the albums is passworded (Marisha, password marisha) and the other isn't.

In IE the passworded album, the thumbnails do not show up, but when you click on the album without a password, all is fine.

Any ideas what is going on?

Both albums work fine when veiwed through Firefox.

Tested now with IE and

Tested now with IE and Firefox and both works for passworded and for free albums... May be you could try to clear cache in your IE , and may be also the cookies could be problem so you could try to delete the cookies too.


For me,

The red Xs still appear on my own site. I've re-uploaded one of the pictures two extra times to see if it fixed it... and it didn't (Even my hoster said there was a Red X for it.)

FireFox and IE

I tried it out too.
In IE thumbs do not appear (red X) but when I click on a thumbnail that isn't appearing it send me to the login screen.

In FireFox everything is OK.


I just tested it again and

I just tested it again and it works with my IE and FF. But i of course believe you that it does not with your IE. The problem is i can get the error message. If you extract the thmb image link from the page with thumbnails and copy this in IE adress field, you should again get the x. Could you save this then in some file, there should be some text error messages besides the byte data of thumbnails.

Just to prove this worked for me here screenshot:

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