phpAlbum v0.3.1 released !!


just before a new year i have now released new version. Actually it should be a bugfix but because of new "Comments" functionality i made a new release.
So what is changed in this version:

  • You can now post comments on pictures, this functionality is defalut disabled. You must enable it in new section in Setup (Comments and Votings). You can add new comment, with optional name and email. All help texts are in english, but this will be changed in new bugfix so you can easily edit all texts in application. As there is no possibility to delete comments or view all comments, this is not really recomeded to use it. All this comes in few days.
  • Now you can put screenshots for movies and audios. Actually for all files, but only videos and movies will be displayed also without screenshot, with default thumbnail as before. Screenshot naming is as following:

    Example 1:
    movie filename: MVI_1234.AVI
    screenshot filename: MVI_1234.JPG or MVI_1234.AVI.JPG ( or PNG or GIF)

    Example 2:
    some other file:
    screenshot filename: phpAlbum.JPG or ( or PNG or GIF)

    All files which has screenshot will be displayed in album for download.

  • You can now enable displaying filenames if there is no description for picture. Use checkbox in Main Setup for it.
  • Slightly changes the themes, in description of photos
  • and many bugfixies, for example naming files if you download it should be now correct

I hope you will like it, soon comes voting and enhaced commenting possibility ...