lightbox hacked into phpAlbum (instructions)

LightBox was just so easy to set up. :) Here's how I made it work with phpAlbum (note: this is a hack, so subsequent updates to the program probably will break these changes ... if that happens, you will probably only need to repeat the change to the "main.php" file, which is easy enough to do).


created three directories in the phpAlbum directory:


and put the related LightBox files in their respective directories. You can download these from:


change any code that says:





themes/Borders/album.tpl.php (or whatever theme you're using)
added these four lines to the <head> section:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/lightbox.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<script src="js/prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/lightbox.js" type="text/javascript"></script>


added text into <a href...> tag:


this worked great, except

this worked great, except how do i get it to show $long_desc as the title?

I tried this but it didn't work -- title="<? print $long_desc; ?>"

also - where do you guys see the image counter? i don't see such a thing!

Can anyone help?

how do i get it to show $long_desc as the title?

I tried this but it didn't work -- title="<? print $long_desc; ?>"

also - where do you guys see the image counter? i don't see such a thing!

I cant get this to work

I cant get this to work. Could somebody connect to my FTP and take a look? I will provide you wuth details!! I really want 2 know how to get this wroking i get stuck at the


added text into tag:


But the next post says do this instead

You need to change the thmb.tpl.php file.

The code should look like this:

" rel="lightbox[<? print $dir_name; ?>]">">

Im confused because my thmb.tpl.php file looks like this

">" class="thmb" src="/<? print $thmb_link; ?>"/>

Can anybody help me set this up I'l give you rights to my server if need be.

Thanks In advance,



I can't seem to get anything to work, could you please check to see if the hack above will still work in 0.4.1-14


its thmb.tpl.php not

its thmb.tpl.php not album.tpl.php

Hello crok, I do not have

Hello crok,

I do not have ready template for you, but I can promise you Slibbox ( derivate of Lightbox) will be included in next version of PA.


UPDATED with lightbox caption

I would have posted this in the forum, but I was too lazy to get the html code to show up sorry for the external link, but this should clear up step #4.

I have the same problem, the

I have the same problem, the a class that needs to be changed in 4) does not exist in album.tpl.php. Can someone please update the instructions for integrating lightbox into 0.4.1-14 as I have looked but cannot fathom it.

Many Thanks

have somebody ready template

have somebody ready template file, pleas give me it , i can't do it on my template (show me error or not view foto) ;(


hello thanx for modified hack
i am unable to replace "image 1 of 8" with long description, when i click on image it shows only Short Description, i want to display long description instate of "image no.", plz help me


Nice hack :)

I did not tested it yet but it looks interesting. I changed your post so one can click on that lightbox page link.



Originally, this did not work for me at all. Then I realized that the link Patrik added was wrong. It should go to (note the added '2' on the end). I have not tested it again but now I do not have questions like "There are three js scripts that are referenced but I only downloaded one from the lightbox page!"


almost there

ok i have made a backup of my site before .....LOL

i'm able to change evrything excepte the last part ...

added text into tag:


if someone can help me ....i'm not an expert in do be able to insert the last part it would be nice to tell me where and what i have to type

so again thank you and have a great day everyone


You need to change the thmb.tpl.php file.

The code should look like this:

<a class="me3" href="<? print $image_view_link; ?>" rel="lightbox[<? print $dir_name; ?>]"><img class="thmb" src="<? print $thmb_link; ?>">


Interesting, I turned my java off to test.
It opens jpg image in a regular browser window.

Any news of a final release of phpAlbum? (just wondering)

I know and use this

I know and use this lightbox-code for my site also (not for the phpAlbum yet.. just installed that).

Anyone with a link to see how that looks/works?

Thank you

i want to say thank you to all of you ......and specially to
who have tell me what i was missing to try the lightbox feature..

thank again

have a great day all of you

Thanks much too

I'll try this one right after I finish doing my custom essays and custom papers. I've been looking for something like this. Thanks.

$view_count Doesnt Work

When I use Lightbox (which I really like) the number of times the image is viewed doesnt add up.

Anyone know how to get this working?

Patrik, I am trying to understand how your $view_count works, but am having trouble with this. Can you explain?

Thanks, Mosley

How/ Does it work with

How/ Does it work with v.0.4.1 beta 9?
Maybe somebody can send me the files with changes or post a quick installation guide here.

Thank you

It works with the

It works with the instructions listed above. I am using beta 9 with no problems.

No it doesn't

You go ahead and follow the directions above exactly and see how much it works.

No matter how many times I try it I get a white background with pictures that aren't clickable.

Works perfectly

It also works with the new version 0.4.1 beta 10.

Looks great!

Image View Count Not working with Lightbox

Has anyone figured out how to get the image view count working with Lightbox?

Hmm, this might be a design

Hmm, this might be a design problem. As image counting is issued when "cmd=imageview" command is posted to phpalbum. I suppose with LightBox you are not using this command only the command for displaying the image self (cmd=image).
I think i should change that because this is not good.


It works on 0.4.1 but some modification in step 3

according to

step 3) line 3

should be


step 4) thmb.tpl.php file instead of album.tpl.php

and again...thx to the great script of PHPALBUM...thx

P.S. anyone know why if the cmd=imageview or imageviewnew can't work??? i don't understand by reading the script.

Getting Photo Parameters to show up in Lightbox

Is there a way to get the Photo Parameters to show up in the Lightbox?

Bug with double images

Hello all,

I've patched the latest phpAlbum with lightroom as described in this thread. Generally it's working fine, but I'm getting every image twice when I'm using the "Previous/Next"-Buttons which appear in the image.
Any idea what's the reason for that?
This is a link to the album:



I've found the issue myself. Had modified two links in thmb.tpl.php instead of one. Now it's working fine.


Lightbox - Long / Short Description


I'm trying to get the short Description in the Album to appear in the thumbs table, but the LONG description to appear on the LightBox caption.

Any ideas ?

Please assist.


Page Problem


I tried this out with a thing quite similar to the lightbox and it works really fine as you can see here:

There is just one problem left. If I create a page with two sites like in my example the lightbox Function for next only works for page one and stops then, or begins from the first picture again.

I have to use the nest link to get to the next page and start again the lightbox.
Has anyone an idea ho to make it possible to view all pictures of all sites in an album?



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