Error reporting and display mode


when you don't have the mbstring module installed in your PHP you get those warning messages that a function call is not supported (already known in the forum)

Since this warning also comes up when the images are generated I had the effect that the images contained the warning message and afterwards the encoded image meaning the images were broken.

I checked up the sources and saw that there is a setting to error_reporting E_ALL E_WARNING E_PARSE. This is pretty OK but I recommend a gobal setting "display_errors(0)" which prevents the errors from coming up to the browser. Furthermore I recommend to remove those switches between error_reporting(0) and the standard setting in certain functions since I'd like to see an error everytime in my php-errorlog but I don't want to see it in the fronend of the live site.

Maybe you could change the error reporting behaviour this way by setting the error_reporting globally to E_ALL and display_errors to 0.