phpAlbum v0.4.1 Beta1

I just downloaded phpAlbum v0.4.1 Beta1 and was wondering if I upload this version in my present directory? I suppose I do because it said "data directory not existing" when I went to install.

Thanks, looking forward to the updated version.


You can test it , it should

You can test it , it should work, i never tested it that way, but it will overwrite all old files. It will not use any of your old setting or saved information.

Before i would delete all files in data dir, cache dir and you do not have to overwrite config.php, as there is set the data directory.

As for new manuall installation, it is done same way as before. Just look in docu. Automatic installation with installer is not yet aviable.


phpAlbum v0.4.1 Beta1

Hi Patrik, I'm going to hold off on the Beta installation.
I'll wait for the final version, I still have lots to do on my new design.

All my model photos are now in PHPalbum - I absolutely love your script and I recommend it to other photograhers!

Mole Galleries:


Beta 1 Installation

(1) I have used installed automatically and manually many times for this script and really like it.

(2) However I noticed that beta 1 link actually downloads a beta 2 version.

(3) I noticed that edit the file config_change_it.php and change it to config.php is not needed it already exists.

"Sovled" From this point to bottom.
(4) I created a cache, data_xxxxx, and photos_xxxxxx.

(5) Changed the data and cache directories permissions to 777.

(6) Uploaded the "phpAlbum" to my html docs directory.

(7) Loaded address in browser and retrieved the following error.

(8) Welcome to phpAlbum_

You have to edit config_change_it.php and rename it to config.php.
You have to define data directory, because of security issues it is recommended that this is not data/ but something like "data_Ab6Lkj88KJ/"
End "Solved"

Thank You,

David R

data directory - help

i am new in this and i must ask how to define data directory... Please help me....

i am found and tnks for this

i am found and tnks for this script.... its great...

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