Script does not complete installation


First time when I installed the script using installer. It went on perfectly well. After experimenting all the features , I like the php album. I deleated the installation and created a new folder for a fresh installation, :( unfortunately now the installation is stuck up after uploaing few files, i tried to do it several time , it gets stuck at
"uploading: audio.png" kindly help , I am all set with my pics, i dont havea album ready now.

Hi, no idea what it could


no idea what it could be. Do you have enough space on your webspace? But on the other side i do not believe this few kBytes should be the problem.

What you could do is to manually install it or send me your fpt login on my email and i could look at this. May be it is problem of the script, or may be something has been changed on your server since the last installation.


Was my mistake


Thanks its working fine, did a manual inst.
Kudosss ,, to PHP Album , its cool,
Appreciate your effort


idea for improvement

I think this program is incredible and thanks for taking the time to write it. I do have one possible suggestion. Make the upload feature a link for the main page and don't put it in the setup area. I would like to let other people upload to the album and i can give them permission to ftp, but i don't want them having priveleges to change the setup of the album. so adding a link to an upload page would support this without letting them actually change things on the album. if you think this is a good idea i'd love to see it implemented. but again, great work on the scripting!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefuly this will come in

Hopefuly this will come in the next beta, you will be able to add rights to any of the setup subsections to any group (and users of this group).
Of course they will have to have ftp password to do this.

not sure whats goin on

hello just recently DL phpAlbum first time usen somthin like this seems i ran into a snagg and in setup page im getting this mesg.

"WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use admin section.
Ask your provider to enable or install it." this is under the photo administrator not sure whats up this is site im try to put it on

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