strange JS and form behaviour

Hi, thank you for your

thank you for your reporting. But locking of the SYS_SEQUENCES table is alredy done if i call there db_select_all with third parameter (FOR_UPDATE) having true.
Besides this locking is only important if more then one person is working with album.
But nevertheless it would be nice to know if this problem with the seq_files was really there, did you also checked the db file album_directory.db ? or error log for some errors? If you find something i would be glad if you send it to me.

The second problem on your very impressive video-bug-report :) with showing assigned users and directories to the groups, there are these links but it was not implemented yet. comming soon in some new beta together with some corrected bugs.


I've preserved the buggy

I've preserved the buggy data dir, you can download it from here:

There are errors in the error.log file but I cannot corelate them to my bug. The only misbehaviour I could spot is that album_directory.db lists the same seq_files for different directories but that's already been told in my initial report.

BTW: I use eaccelerator for

BTW: I use eaccelerator for php (
Also see my phpinfo() at:

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