Pictures showing up as x's

I just did the automatic install, but every picture I upload shows up as an X. No matter what means of upload I use, thorugh the admin panel or through my ftp app, I still get those x's. Some help please?

I can't help you out of your

I can't help you out of your description of your problem. If you want send me link to your site with setup password, i can check it.
May be you have too big (resolution wise) pictures there. Please also read FAQs on this site.


thanks for the offer

Thanks for the offer, was just about to give up. I'll send you the info, maybe you could check it out for me. Much appreciated. I resized the pictures myself with irfanview, so I don't think that is the problem.

Thanks in advance though.

Hi, i sent you an email. It

Hi, i sent you an email.

It was the setting in Main Setup. Some of these were not configured, like thumbnails and photo sizes and character set was missing also ...

It works now perfectly.


Thumbs & logo need refresh to view???

Whay is this? Everytime I visit my phpalbum initially none of the thumbnail or dir images show up. F5 doesn't clear, but ctrl&F5 does then I can see them all. Clear cache and same again. Not affecting main images.

Can anybody help?

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