Having Trouble setting up FTP connections

O_o. Ok so I've been having this problem for awhile and hopefully y'all can help! :D cos I really like your program so far. Ok the problem is I can log in using WINSCP3 with http://www.fluffhouse.org.uk usng my name and password...>_> however ...it don't work with anything else- therefore I can not upload any photos to my shiney gallery ;_;

gallery is here (nothing is there :D) http://www.fluffhouse.org.uk/jakie/planetpolix/gallery

Thanks in advance

I see you are using some

I see you are using some other gallery but nevertheless, you can use some ordinary ftp-clinet to upload your pictures. If any has similar problem just send me link to your site , password and ftp username/password, and i will check it.


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