phpAlbum v0.3.0 released !!


today i released new version of phpAlbum. Version number 0.3.0.

Following new features are aviable:

  • with admin section now you can create new directories, upload photos and deleting them from phpAlbum. This is functional also with safe_mode=on because of using FTP for doing this job. If you install phpAlbum with wisard, the FTP parameters are automatically in main setup aviable. Otherwiese you must set this two parameter yourself.
  • themes support is now aviable. I separated the layout code from the functional one. All HTML-Layout is now in themes directories with template style of programming. Some php knowledges are needed but not much. You can look at aviable 2 themes and copy them and change them if you want. Contributing of some nice themes is welcome! So post it to me if you want i will publish that, with your Copyright and links to your homepage if you want.
  • one new theme, named "Borders". Not very nice now, but under construction.
  • newsletter, in Setup page you will now see if there are some bugfixies or upgrades aviable to download
  • you can now setup maximal cout of photos per page for flowing style, and there is now also raster style aviable with columns and rows count.

Remark: Upgrades with wizard are not yet possible. For upgrade please download new version and install manually. Wizard will be in few days changed to handle also upgrades.

I hope you will like it!