accessing setup

Hi there

First off, thank you for a great script. It was just what I was looking for.

But I can't seem to get into the setup of my album. If I try I just get to input my name & email.

I first did the automated installation from this site into phpAlbum, but after editing some things in the setup, it went haywire. So I deleted the files in that folder and made a new folder named pictures in whcih I manually uploaded the files and changed their acces rights.

However, i can't seem to get into the setup. Can't change text,layout, color or any of these things.

Some help please?

I just delted all the files

I just delted all the files again and used the automated setup again. Now it works fine, but my images don't show up. Gotta love them computers :P


I have the same issue.

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