Panorama Pictures

Hi Patrik,

first - I'd like to thank you for your hard work with phpAlbum, I really like it :)

I got a quick question about panorama pictures as I'm looking for a way to present them with phpAlbum.

Let's say you have 9 pictures, 8 normal ones (1'600 x 1'200) and one panorama (10'000 x 1'200). You present all 9 pictures on 1 page (3 x 3). Of course, the panorama picture looks quite weird on the thumbnail page as it has the same width like all the others - but with a height of like 50px - not much you can see there.
Is there a way to treat one picture different to others ? (different template / theme / define as width of 3 so you only have one picture in one table row / ...) or that one folder uses a different template/theme (panorama folder)? I've seen you can change the sorting of individual folders, but not the used themes/styles.

Or any other ideas of how to work with panorama pictures ?