i found solution for 'directory creating problem'

ok, old problem is creating directory, so;
setup_admin.inc - line 32 main.php?cmd=setup&var1=admin&var2=mkdir
problem was $p_dir value was empty.
now i cleaned variables end of main.php but;
i wrote variables in the form and worked perfectly.
now i can create directory ;)

in the setup_admin.inc file

in the setup_admin.inc file on line 32...

input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="setup"
input type="hidden" name="var1" value="admin"
input type="hidden" name="var2" value="mkdir"
input type="textfield" size=40 name="p_dir"
input type="submit" value="Create"

Nice, just curious that in

Nice, just curious that in most cases it works. But i will change it, Probably there is some problem on some servers when you send the some parameters as URL and some additional as POST. It could be also some PHP setting, but you are right, it is better to send all as POST.


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