Problem whit view thumbnails


I have a upload many .jpg in photoalbum but the thumbnails or redimention jpg not displayed.

In the section photos.

My first impression is the cache do not regenerate.

I flush cache, I reset the option of cache but did't work.

It work to begin but when I put more than 10 directory the phpalbum didn't word.

I have an other bug to, at the same adresse (videos section) when the names of pic or videos as to long in the same line the prog jump this space.

Thanks for your help.

Sorry for my english , isn't my native language.

Delete your cookies and

Delete your cookies and temporary files in your browser. Then clean the cache in the admin setup. Works for me...


Hi, there is something


there is something really strange about your problem. That thumbnails have 0 bytes, i mean the jpegs sent from server there is nothing. Normally you can see there error messages and that is why the browser can not display them. Could you please send me your setup password on ? Possible is that you have something wrong in setup.


Hello, I send the the setup


I send the the setup password in your mail.

But just for your information if you go whit original picture and you clic on the thumbnail your can view the picture correctly, and I check on the serveur and the file (.jpg) is correct.

I flush my temporary internet file but isn't the problème.

The php album work very good ans when I put and other directory (more than 10) the thumnail is not view, after the problem, I flush the cache and after this action (flush the cache), the cache is not recreate.

Thank for your help


Big Images


ok now i see what is your problem, on your phpinfo page i have seen that your memory limit is 12M. Your pictures are too big (resolution wise ) they can not be open by the script. Make them smaller like 1024x768 or even 800x600. It is then much faster and it should work.


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