No show photo


I can't no show photo && where get GD2 ? my computer os is Fedora 5


: )

Hi Noki, you definitely need

Hi Noki,

you definitely need GD2 library in your php installation to be able to use any php photo album which generates automatically thumbnails. You will have probably recompile your php or install some other PHP package which contains GD2. May be you can ask on some Fedara forum. I am using Gentoo. On windows i use XAMPP All-in-one package.

no show photo jpg

Hi admin

Thank you. I alread install GD2,but not show file *.jpg,can
show png file.

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Can you send me please your

Can you send me please your setup password on

Or you can also check if you have enabled JPEG support in your GD2.


i send passwd to you

Dear admin

you can check info .

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You have there memory limit

You have there memory limit 8M, no way possible to rsize so big picture as you have there. It has to have smaller size like 800x600 or like that. You can try which size is the largest possible on your server.


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