Photo Long Descriptions not displaying

I installed the program on localhost. I have Apache (Xampp) running on my machine.
I copied a picture to photos directory (did not use FTP)

I made short and long descriptions for the picture. I can see the short description, but not the long description.

How can I get it to show the long description? I click on the individual picture to enlarge it. It enlarges but I still do not see the long description.


Hm, actually not possible :)

Hm, actually not possible :) but, if you want zip your whole phpAlbum directory and send it to me per email, i will look at this. Xampp should not be a problem as this is what i am using under windows.

Hm, actually not possible :)


Ok. Please send me your e-mail address. I will send you the zip file.
Thanks for your help.

Photo Long Descriptions not displaying


Have you gotten a chance to tweak this yet?


No, i am trying to find the

No, i am trying to find the bug, the problem is it happens only on windows server not on the linux which i am normally using for developing. Probably today or tomorrow this time i should have the fix.


Now it is fixed, you can

Now it is fixed, you can download new version.


I had the same problem: I don't see short descriptions neither long desc. in imageview mode. I downloaded the last version "" and I see no difference in source files (main.php and theme's phps). I'm using "Borders" theme.

What's the problem? How to fix the descriptions?

Thank you

there was one little

there was one little difference in main.php , in function get_directory_settings. There was some not right order of some changes applicable if the asked directory is "\\" in windows which was not working then.
Do you use windows server? may be your problem is of some other kind ..

ok, all right!

Thank you very much for your quick reply. Effectively I use Windows and with WinDiff I say that difference and I thought that couldn't cause the descriptions not to show. I changed that and all right.

Thank you again, great and simple script!


PD: Clean URLs via mod_rewrite would be a great improvement (optional, of course). I have modified your script to use clean URLs and it looks better now. Maybe for the future...?

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