Install phpAlbum in more than 1 directory

I'm not sure if this is going to be difficult but I had an idea... currently I use phpAlbum for my Models directory (, what I would like to do is install this in my Infrared photography directory so I am able to keep them seperated.

There has been word of a bug fix version but also Patrik has mentioned there is going to be a new version?
What I will do is wait for the new version before I attempt this.

What do you all think?

You can have seperate php

You can have seperate php albums on one site. I've done that before. You just need to rename the pHpAlbum folder to whatever you want.

For instance. I had three phpAlbum's installed on my site. I renamed them to what I needed them for; Photography, Art and Wallpapers.

Hope that helps.

seperate php albums

I see but when you went to the index page does it list Photography, Art and Wallpapers as galleries?

Can you include your url?

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