copyright text auto insert into any pictures and easy to add/remove/edit in acp, nice?

hi admin
my name is Thanh, i am from Viet nam
this album script is so rather cool and currently am using it as well, of course, it working properly for me
i have a sugestion could you please have time to code it for me?
my sugestion is " i would like to insert a copyright text into the thumbnails pictures and the original too!!
this text will be easy add/edit/remove like an option in my admin control panel

that all
please have a comment
thank you for your patient and am so sorry for my english is rather poor

a friend from Viet Nam,

Hi Thanh, it is curious,

Hi Thanh,

it is curious, just yesterday i have in my work (not as phpAlbum admin:)
written few mails to one of our customers in Vietnam , his name was also Thanh :)

regarding your questien, i already implemented it in the new version so if
it comes out you will have it. I did it not with a text but you will have
to setup a watermark with some image file which i found as better
solution. this is then placed on some of the corners or in center as you
want. This can be also transparent gif or PNG which then looks very good.

What i did not implement is this watermark for thumbnails, i just thought
why one should want it as the images are so small so that a copyright is
not necessary there. Why do you want it also for thumbnails? Is there any
reason for this which i am missing? May be it is also good idea to do this
just i did not thought about it...


Thank for your warmly

Hi Patrik, ( not patrik )

Thank you for your quick response and with the idea you was mentioned above,
I think a copyright for the thumbnails images is not necessary in this case too. You're right :")

Of course is you will know what is the best solution for any idea from your members, how to code, how to fix etc.v..v.v, you'tr pro.........

Also, in this feature i hope it will be done soon in the new version.

Patrik, am and another members are waiting for your new version.

Hope it will be available for download soon

Heathly and keep in toch this website,


Did you come to Viet Nam or Had a Holidays in Viet Nam yet?
Like the name Patrik, Thanh is the most and nice name in my country :P ( That why you have an another friend named THANH )

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