Resizing photos with ImageMagick

Do you have the same problem as i had? As i had before i knew ImageMagick. Always if i wanted to upload photos i had to reisze them each, one by one. I made it in Gimp, may be you are using photo editor like Photoshop or something else. This was very slow and boring.

That's why, i would like to introduce you ImageMagick.
This is very useful package of programms. You can use it for creating, converting manipulating of pictures.

Program which i'm using daily is mogrify. This is a command line tool. If i have some fullsize photos which i need to resize to 800x600 size i just write:

mogrify -resize 800 -quality 85 *.JPG

and in a few seconds are all JPGs converted to maximum 800 pixel width or height with 85% quality compression.
Of course there are many other parameters you can use, but these are, i am using. For more infos try
mogrify -help

More informations you can find using Google. I have seen also WIN32 binaries, so not only Linux gurus have this Magick tool in hand.

If you found boring resizing photos for upload to your web gallery, i hope i could inspire you!

Have a nice day!