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Im enjoying modifying ur script alot, and im coming up with some exciting results.

But i got some "questions/problems" at the moment.

1 - Displaying Thumbmails - Using the "ratio" options in setup can cause some unbalanced thumbail listings, if picture are taken randomly vertical and horisontal with the camera.
Is there a way to use the maximum ratio to set a maximum height instead - so ex not matter what ratio they have - they are all 200 pixels high and width can be adopted out from that.

2 - Im playing with a "Popup" picture theme, so when u hit a "thumbmail" it comes in a popup window (and works great) - the problem is that you already needs to define width and height(in thmb.tpl.php) before you got the invidual picture settings.

3 - I got phpalbum installed on 3 different webhost(via ur FTP installer) - and they display: "WARNING:FTP-Support is not enabled!! You are not able to use admin section.
Ask your provider to enable or install it."
My question is - is it a normal "addon" webhosts have - and is it fair to ask them to install it (considering security and demand of use from progams) ?

Hope you can help me - and if i get my popup theme working i would be happy to post it in the forum :)

Hi Warreck,

Hi Warreck,

so i will start with the easiest question #3 :)

3 - not sure if it is fair or not but FTP-Support in PHP is just a library of functions which allows you or better said your php program to connect to other FTP sites to upload or download files or so. The only issue i see there is may be a traffic which is in that case done by them (provider) not by you or your site. If you do want to use the photos administrator just ask your provider for that, but i think ordinary FTP client is much beter for this job (uploading pictures)

2 - this is a good idea, i mean having the size of the picture already in thmb.tpl.php. What i have alredy done is the size of the Thumbnail but this will be only aviable in the new (currently developed) version. I could there additionally set some variables with the original size of picture. I will look at this if it would be easy ( <1 hour effort) i would add this to the actual version and post some minor update to the actual version. Not to solve your problem but because the rendering of the page with thumbnails is much faster if the browser already knows the size of the thumbnail :)

1 - actual setting possibility is maximum size of thumbnail. Not sure if i underestand what you are asking but do you mean you want to be able to set maximum height or width for thumbnail? In new version i alredy implemented squared thumnails so i take maximum posible square of the picture. And also i have there what you want but only for pictures, so let say i can set that all pictures will be displayed with height of 500 no matter what the width will be. The same also for width.
Could you may be send me som screenshot of your unbalanced thumbnail listing? May be you have som other problem there ...


Thank you for the quick response

Now thats what i call a quick response :)

First off, thank you for your quick response and in dept answers.

The menu is the "dropdown"

As you can see im having quite some trouble with the thumbmail displaying, because i need to shrink it so much because of the litthe content room the site got.

But the thing is the "jumping" between hights makes it very "unstable", say a hight on 100px and a variabel width on the pictures would make it more "solid" - which is needed when the design is so fluffy :)

Again thanks, and thumbs up from denmark!

Marco "warreck" Johannesen

Some how now i don't

Some how now i don't underestand what is the problem :) If there is something jumping that is because of quantity of the thumbnails, this you set up with max count in main setup.
Regarding the thumbnails height, it is done so thet every thumbnail no matter what ratio (3:2 2:3 ... ) is displayed in a table (mean html table) which has always the same hight and same width. So it must be solid as a rock :) mening height of the page. Of cours if on the first page there are 10 pics ( 4 lines ) and on the second only 3 (1 line) you will have different height of the page. What i would do is to setup maximum count for 6 pics and look what hight is needed to display that and setup it as hardcoded height of the main table displaying thumbnails in album.tpl.php.

Hope i don't misunderestand your problem :) So once again, every thumbnails surrouding table has the same height, that is why the flowing style of it works ...

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