followed steps but cant access Setup


Having no idea about php I used the web installer. Installed without errors and I have followed the user guide to the best of my ability up to and including the changes to config.php.
after this when I try to call the following setup by going to
I get an error message: 404 Not Found

looking at it on my FTP I can see its there, I have changed rights on the folders. any ideas as to where I'm going wrong. any help would be appreciated.

btw, looking at the examples of the sites this looks to be a great script. thank you for sharing, wish there were more folks like you :)

best wishes

If you Use web installer,

If you use web installer, you do not have to touch the config.php
With web installer it is already all done, and it should work out of the box.

You know? Login and password is "admin"

Try it again with web installer, or send me your FTP-Account info and I can install it for you ;)

Just to be clear.. you are

Just to be clear.. you are not literally going to ""

you have to go to your website/phpAlbum (make sure you have 'A' not 'a' in album). my site is not

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