Few problems with my phpAlbum

Hello everybody!

I have some problems with my gallery.

1. Thumbs and photos sometimes are not displayed (when somebody other visit gallery). I have always to delete all cache.

2. I can't download music and video files. (there is an error while downloading)

3. Some photos never work. I have no idea why. I tried to rename, delete cache... but nothing

4. When cache is created from domain with "www", then it doestn't work when somebody comes from address without "www". Same problem, when i use subdomain and direct address. Am i right? Or maybe is it problem with browser tempoary memory?

My gallery: http://fotki.luksus.be/ - can you take a look?

Can you help with that?

PS. phpAlbum is very good project. Greetings

Hello Pavloos, i just

Hello Pavloos,

i just checked your site. Your problem is disabled php function readfile(). This is done for security reasons on your server.

if you look at following Thread you will find there solution for this. Just download that zip file with changed main.php and upload it to your phpAlbum directory (overwriting original main.php).

After this everything should work ok.


Thanks for help. I didn't

Thanks for help. I didn't know that i have blocked function readfile().

Do you know the reason why some photos like this http://fotki.luksus.be/main.php?cmd=imageview&var1=Nasza+klasa+%3A%29%2FZd016.jpg&var2=1 never works?

And one request:
When you relase new bugfix or update, can you write which files has been modified? For people who update script manually.
It would be great.


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