phpAlbum v0.2.4 released !!

Today i released new version of phpAlbum.
Many bugs has been fixed. Here is short description of new features:

  • new installation should be even easier as befor. More error messages are implemented to help the user by the installation.
  • all visible texts are now customisable, even invisible setup link is possible
  • character set encoding is now changable, default is UTF-8
  • few chache options are now implemented, now you can switch if you want cache thumbnails and resized photos. Until now there were only thumbnails cached. As i realised that many people upload full size photos, and resizing of them is quite slow. I thought for those people is this interesting feature.
  • you can also see the amount of MB which the cache is taking. Automatich cache with maximum MB size will be implemented later
  • new logo handling, you can now create transparent PNG logos, background color will be done automatically

I hope soon i can implement comments of photos but until there, try this version and use it!

Have a nice day!