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First released: Wed, 2011-07-27 22:16
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- no new features, just a bugfixing release
- fixed issue with Chrome Browser

Changed templates in Borders and Flowing-Dark

New bugfixing problems

Andrei O. Safronov
I am using your software for quite a long time. That is the second case when I need to reinstall all the software - something goes wrong and I'm unable to create a new dirictory in my album.
Even worse - every week I have to reinstall all the database contence. After some time all the information in the database catalogue dissappears from the remote server. Why?
I have my backup copy but it is not nice to reinstall all the database info every week... I think you can agree with me :)
What should I do?
I don't like an idea to reinstall all the software and to start again from zero!
Best regards,

Hello, I'm quite sure, this


I'm quite sure, this has something to do with user rights on the files. Tell me, how do you install the software? Do you use a FTP account? It is very important that the database files (in data directory) are writable by the php/apache user. This is the user under which the webserver is running. Mostly it is the www-data,http or apache user, depending on the system configuration.

If you would like, you can send me a link to your album with FTP or even better an SFTP or SSH account, and I can take a look on this.

Try to switch on the error logging in phpAlbum too, you can there probably see some errors which would help me to understand what is going on on your server.


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