How To: Add embedded video to phpAlbum Borders theme

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The OP doesn't appear in this forum for some reason.
Here is the description, I've uploaded to this site:

It's based on the free JW Player from and uses php pseudostreaming so no need for extra stream server installed.

Keep in mind this is very basic, and aimed only to have FLV videos streamed and dsiplayed embedded in the page, among pictures. It works.



I have tried and tried and cannot get this to work.

any chance you could upload a template theme to rapidshare or megaupload?

i am able to get the player to load, but it says movie not loaded.


Make sure the filesystem

Make sure the filesystem path in stream.php: ($path = ) is correct and points exactly to where you store your album folders. Should be the same as Main Setup > Album directory.

Also make sure that extension of the flv files are lower case (VIDEO.flv correct; VIDEO.FLV not correct)

Currently I am not able to upload you my theme folder, because it contains other modifications too.

what i did

I setup a new phpalbum to test.

path is
$path = "photos_6688521/";

i have also tried it like this
$path = "/phpAlbumTest/photos_6688521/";

my example file name is Daisy01.flv
(follows the proper lower case)

the rest is just copied and pasted from your example.
i feel like I'm missing something really obvious.

Are you running it on a

Are you running it on a Linux server? Is "phpAlbumTest" folder directly under the root? If not, you should specify the entire absolute path, like
or whatever that may be.

If you're in Windows, I guess you need the entire path, like say

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