Removing table border from raster thumbnails in Flowing Dark

There is an image of what I am talking about. There is a thin table border forming a grid around the thumbnails. I've been searching but I can't find the right thing to change to get rid of it. Somewhere there is a table border with some thickness to form that grid :)

Also, I want to suggest for future releases to include a declaration of Doctype to prevent IE from running in Quirks mode and displaying things incorrectly. I added these declarations to the pages publicly visible on the net. Unless it is declared somewhere I did not see?

Hi, regarding that border,


regarding that border, look at raster.tpl.php, this is the template how raster format will be displayed.

And thank you for that tip with DOCTYPE ... i will look at this ...


Thanks! Now I found the

Thanks! Now I found the line I need to change... don't know why I missed it before.

The Doctype is important for other styling you might add to the page. without it, IE has lots of centering problems with css.

Basically, I added the Doctype declaration above the html tag in album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php

I want to add the code here but it won't let me post it.

It might also be worthwhile to use css, rather than tables, for the theme layouts. I have been doing a lot of layouts with css lately, and I could offer my help if it would be useful. I used to use tables all the time, and now I am finding more freedom and creativity with css layouts.

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