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Now my mind began to work overtime on this one. The initial image which sprang to mind was all these dogs being hypnotized to win their race!! Or perhaps I was to hypnotize our would-be gambler so that he could cast spells upon the dogs to ensure a particular one did in fact win....Unable to see the feasibility in either of these, my next thought was to re-read the e-mail to online poker check I’d read it correctly. Perhaps, I thought, he was asking why I had a cd designed to assist in stopping playing poker, and not to stop other forms of gambling; Which made me check the title of the cd in question – it is “stop gambling”, so no, this latest interpretation of the e-mail wasn’t possible, and in any case he had clearly asked the question as I had first read it.

great game

Back to square one online poker. What could he be getting at? In what way could you use hypnosis to assist someone

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