Google Chrome Images displayed on top of each other

Hi Guys

just wondering if anyone has a fix to this.

In google chrome all the images seem to display one below each other but in every other browser it seems fine.

The url is



Hi David, I will see what I

Hi David,

I will see what I can do, I am now woriking on phpAlbum2 which will be a completely new version written in Objective PHP. But chrome seems to be a important Browser now, so I will try to fix that.


P.S.: You have very nice photos there :)

Yet another questins, you

Yet another questins, you seem to be one of new "real" Users here, did you have problems whith reading the CAPTCHA when you registered here? I had a lot of spammer-bots here, so I had to change the captcha settings to be more harder to read it.

Hi Patrik Even if you have

Hi Patrik

Even if you have some tips to have a look at that would be great and I can spend some time changing the layout.

Regarding the Captcha, yeah some problems yesterday but that is because I was thinking I had to put the faint characters in as well where it is only the bold characters and usually four.

It is great what you are doing and if you need any beta testers I would be willing to help.



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