Server Requirments?


I am using a windows machine with a standard WAMPserver 5.0 installation(apache and all)
but the phpalbum will not work, i get an empty page wen opening the folder, and when trying to view main.php i see the code in stead of a website!! Other PHP pages on this machine work fine....

Do i miss any required features in my php ? Or any thought on what could have gone wrong? Was i a fool to use WAMP instead of installen apache and php seperately?

For windows i used Xampp,

For windows i used Xampp, this is probably something like your WAMP, it is a bundle containing apache, php, mysql, ftpserver and so on ...
and it works ok for me. I use it only for testing in windows enviroment.

I think every newer version of PHP should work, doesn't matter if used with MS IIS or Apache.

You have most likely some other type of problem. But it is strange that other php pages works. Your web server wont probably interprete the php code. May be it is requiered to setup directories where php can be executed or something like that ...

for test you could try to put some test.php file in phpAlbum directory containing just following

<? phpinfo() ?>

this sould display phpinfo page if it works.

I will look at this wamp server may be i find something ...


Hi :) I just installed WAMP

Hi :)

I just installed WAMP 5 and having same problem as you :) let see what i 'll find out ...




ok, it is a bug, a big bug of phpAlbum :) i am using only short opening tags for saying this is php <? phpcode ?>

wamp initally accepts only <?php phpcode ?>

i will consider this as bug and will change this in next version. For now you can edid your Wamp_install_dir\Apache2\bin\php.ini

and change following line

short_open_tag = Off


short_open_tag = On


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