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First off, great application, i bet you heard a lot already, but i hope you cant get enough positive feedback. :)

My problem is im using a navigation similar to "Border Theme", with a simple dropdown navigation.

And i would like to make a welcome page listing "albums" with a thumbmail like the one you used in "Flowing_Dark Theme". But i cant get it to make a list of albums outside the "dir.tpl.php". Since it has to be in the "Long Description" of the album root (photos). Is it even possible?
(Shortly: i have a navgition in top, and want a second list with the albums on front page).

If not, is it possible to make it go to the top album in list (since i got navigation inside the albums too - meaning when u press gallery, you jump to top gallery automaticly)?

Hope you understand my questions, and are able to help! :)

Marco H. Johannesen

Ps. Go Germany WC 2006 !!

Hi, you know , one picture


you know , one picture is more then tousends of words. No idea who said this, but he or she was definitely right :)
So i don't really underestand what you want, but it is possible lying on my english knowledges and may be if i read it one more time in afternoon i will underestand it :)

Regarding the WC2006, i am not really a football(or soccer?) fan, but it is great to be here and see all that happening. ( Today Germany vs. Equador :)


Lets try again :)

Was afraid my explination was kinda screwed up.

Well, i got my "test" gallery at

The thing im trying to figure is, i want a list of albums on the front page with picture and a short description.
( )

Which is easy enough if you used the dir.tpl.php, but since im using it to make the dropdown list, its not possible.
So is there another way of pulling directories information out?

Another soloution would be to jump over the frontpage, and directly in to the first "album", but i cant quite figure out if its possible.
(Meaning when you enter the gallery, you automaticly jump in to the newest listed album - ex. if i use your demo, when you entered the gallery you would automaticly enter the album "Natur" because it was the first in the list).

Hoped it helped :)

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