In fact, most cases of mesothelioma

Almost all cases of mesothelioma are linked to asbestos exposure. Most people who develop mesothelioma have worked in asbestos-related industries such as pipe-fitting, manufacture of brakes, and shipbuilding. How does asbestos cause [url=]Nike shox clearance[/url]? When asbestos is handled, tiny asbestos fibers, thinner than a human hair, break off and become airborne. If the workplace is not appropriately ventilated, workers inhale the fibers. Inhaled asbestos fibers work their way into the chest cavity or the abdominal cavity, and lodge in the mesothelium.

Abdominal asbestos mesothelioma occurs in the peritoneum. People with this situation may have come into contact with asbestos and worked in areas where it has been occur. This exposure to asbestos may occur in [url=]Nike shox classic[/url] forms. A worker while working may inhale the fibers of asbestos while on duty. A person who may not be a worker may also be exposed to asbestos by various other means. A person who washes the clothes of a worker who is exposed to asbestos directly may also be prone to abdominal asbestos mesothelioma.

In asbestos mesothelioma, cancerous cells affect the mesothelium layer that is present in the chest cavity called the pleura and the lungs. There are some cases where the cancer has also occurred in the peritoneum, or the lining present in the abdominal cavity and the [url=]nike shox nz[/url], which is the membrane sac that is around the heart. A survey has shown that out of every seven people exposed to asbestos, one is likely to develop asbestos related cancer that may include abdominal asbestos mesothelioma.

How long does it take to develop mesothelioma? The disease progresses slowly; symptoms may not appear for 15 years, sometimes for as long as 40 years after the exposure. The membrane thickens into a hard, [url=]nike shox deliver[/url] rind, forming bumps and nodules. The enlarging cancerous tissue produces large amounts of fluid that crowds the chest or abdominal cavity, and the cancer itself compresses nearby organs.

The symptoms that are related to abdominal asbestos mesothelioma include ataxia which is a condition in which a person loses a lot of weight, experiences tiredness, anorexia and atrophy. The abdomen gets swollen which is a result of excessive fluids in the cavity of the abdomen. If this cancer is in a very advanced stage, pain is caused because of the buildup. A [url=]nike shox oz[/url] could also have symptoms like fever, anemia, blood clotting abnormalities and the bowels getting obstructed. If the cancer spreads to the other organs, the patient will also suffer from swelling of the face and neck and could have a lot of trouble swallowing.

There are various signs and symptoms that are related to abdominal asbestos mesothelioma. But one common problem the doctors often face when it comes to diagnosing it is that the symptoms are very difficult to identify. The [url=]nike shox turbo[/url] are not noticeable till about twenty to fifty years after a person has been exposed to asbestos. The symptoms vary and are dependent on various factors, like the particular type of mesothelioma a person is afflicted with and the length of time that he has been exposed to asbestos. Why does mesothelioma take so long to be diagnosed? The mesothelium [url=][color=#000080]nike shox[/color][/url] very slowly, and until it becomes so thick that it presses against the chest or abdominal wall, or its fluids begin to leak, the victim has no symptoms. Only when it has