Installation problem on windows server


I am trying to install phpAlbum on a different site, this time the host is using Windows servers.

The installation wizard stopped in the middle, saying there was an error with write permissions on the folders it was creating.

So I installed manually by FTP. I checked the CHMOD settings of these folders but since it is a windows server, they can't be set by FTP. So I went into the site's admin panel and checked that all folders on the site are writeable.

Here is the error I get when I try to go to my phpAlbum page:

Welcome to phpAlbum_0.3.2.3
Your data directory data_a20d01e0/ is eather not existing or not writable
Please check for existing of this directory and setup the access rights with CHMOD 777

Do you think it is a problem with my webhost or is it a problem with the software?

First thing the script is

First thing the script is trying to do is to write to the data directory some test file, if it doesn't work, you get this message. So either it is not setted up correctly in config.php or this directory doesn't exists or the script can not write to this directory.
I just realised that it will be better to be more concrete with this error message, so you exactly know that it is not existing or it is not writable ... may be in future version ...

I already tested this also with windows. But on my test system all dirs were writable so i was not having this problem ..

Regarding to installer, i will probably change that so it doesn't stop if chmod is not working, as it is not on windows servers ...

Just try to setup the directories so the script can write to this ...


Thanks for the reply. It

Thanks for the reply.

It turns out the web host I am using is having problems with folder permissions settings.

So it is not a problem with your software, it is a problem with the webserver.

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