2mb limit again & account question


I cant get it to generate thumbnails or show images over 2mb. I use hostgator, in their Cpanel php settings it defaults to 64M, I used the quick php.ini tool to create a php.ini which also defaults to 64M. I added the set to 64M line in main.php as well and still cant get it over 2M. Any other ideas?

http://www.clearviewimages.com/phpinfo.php shows 64M but much of it I dont understand

Also I am looking to do a shoot and give a single username and password to all the people involved for that shoot (maybe up to 100 people), I do this a number of times a year. Basically I would like to be able to create a new account about once a month, but apart from that the creation of new accounts is disabled for anyone else coming to the site, is this possible?

Thanks very much