No need for this post, I got it

Sorry Patrik, I made a new topic about an instation problem so I figured it out and I got it running.

My next project is to integrate it into my design but not using i-frames.


But I do have a dumb question... how do you log out?

Hi 20D, you have a dumb

Hi 20D,

you have a dumb question, and i have a dumb answer :)

What you mean with "log out" ? :)

p.s. the best way to integrate it is to make it looking out as your site ( changing the album.tpl.php and imageview.tpl.php )

I fixed the set up link

Yes perhaps I should hve been a bit more clear about my question. When I going to my directory I have a Setup link but I do not have the area to enter a password, I fixed it, I forgot to setup a password :(

Thanks for your help!
Here is the album in a I-Frame. I'm going to eventually edit the 2 files, I'm still in testing my setup.

Your page looks nice.

Your page looks nice.

I notice a broken image link where the phpAlbum header would normally appear. I would suggest to remove or comment out that part of the code in the album.tpl.php file.

phpAlbum header

Thanks for your comment HMS Bounty, I still have to do some tweeking with the gallery. I'm going thru a site redesign and hope to familiar myself with the script and place it in my new design.

take care!

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