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Here you can post bugs, if you have some. Please always describe the version of phpAlbum, version of PHP and type of server you are using. The best way is also to give some link to the page where we can see the bug.

Remark: If you have problems with english just write an email in one of following language : English,German (Deutsch),Slovak (Slovensky),Tschechisch (Cesky),Hungarian (Magyar)

Problem with downloading videos

I have updated my phpalbum, and uploaded some video files, the root of my file is "photos dir"/videos/xxx/----star/aria giovanni, but when i put a file on a aria giovanni dir i can¿t dowload it, if i change the name or it there no problem, can you solve it?

For example, now my dir is named "Aria_Giovanni" but if I rename it to "Aria Giovanni" doesn't works.



mp3 download not working

When I uploaded v0.3.0 bugfix02 and I uploaded an mp3 file.. I get the new thumbnail that says "Download Audio", but when I click on it... it tries to download main.php.

Same thing goes when i view an image, and i try to right click on it and "Save image as..." it doesn't download the JPG, it tries to download main.php...

Do you know why that is?


Hi, just wanna say thanks for your creating phpAlbum, its a good tool, however, there are a few things that prevent me from using it fully. They are (in order of priority):

1) Improved security - i know that phpAlbum does have a way of protecting unauthorised peole from getting in and making changes, but i would like to suggest the following
-Implement a multiple user system with username and password (like CuteNews, coz with that you also don't need a mySQL database), this would allow multiple users like admins (who can modify settings), photographers (people who can submit photo's) etc.
- Currently protecting phpAlbum also means that you need the password to even look at the photo's, i don't think this should be the case
2) The ability to submit photo's from a totaly different online source, eg. My website is at, and phpAlbum is at But i would like phpAlbum to allow me to submit photo's from another site like,, without copying it to my phpAlbum on my website.

I hope these are possible and can be implemented, if so i'll will fully use phpAlbum.


Deleting comments?

I like how the comments look... but if someone leaves an inappropriate comment, is there an option to delete just the one? Maybe something through the setup?

Thumbnails not displayed


I have tried to get phpAlbum to work for 2 days now, but it just does not work properly!

When I upload phpAlbum, change the config.php file, create the data, photos and cache directory, and chmod them to 777, I uploaded some pictures. However, NO thumbnails are displayed with pictures above a certain size.

My camera makes pictures with a resolution 1600x1200 which are about 500KB of size.

How can I fix the problem? Is this probably a server-sided problem? I have tried phpAlbum on 2 other PHP servers, but I get an error that a GD2 lib is missing, and it totally screws up there.

Thank you,

installation problem

I am unable to upload Arial_Black.ttf durring the installation.
This is on an Apache server using PHP 4.3
Anyone have an idea of what's going wrong?


How can I add descrptions to the photos?

Generating all cache

Hi. The caching of the images take a lot of time in my server, Can I generate all cache for my site when I upload an image?
Thanks and sorry for my english.

styles, themes

i would like to read some readme_css.txt or mabye themes.txt in future versions, no matter how hard i hit the default.css there is still a 'bold' font now and then (probably hardcoded into php?)

otherwise great work,
happy new year.


p.s. here is what i have so far;

styles, themes

i would like to read some readme_css.txt or mabye themes.txt in future versions, no matter how hard i hit the default.css there is still a 'bold' font now and then (probably hardcoded into php?)

otherwise great work,
happy new year.


p.s. here is what i have so far;


Hi, I want to add a thumnail of next and previus images and a link to the original file size in imageview. Can I do that?
Thanks for your work!
Juan Pirsco - pirsco at gmail dot com

Cache files

Hi again...
The links
Produce the same image (same size), is it correct?
Thnks for all!!
Juan Pirsco - pirsco at gmail dot com

Error, help me

i have the next error

Call to undefined function: mb_get_info() in /home/vlinfoin/public_html/phpAlbum/main.php on line 71

Necesito puedan ayudarme a solucionarlo, por favor.

el sitio es


Cant View Images - Resizing problems?

Hey, great script so far, only i have been having problems with the thumbnails and any other function that modifies the size of the image. I can only see the pictures if i select the "original" size, else they show up as a red X on IE. Any ideas? I dont know what else to do!

Thanks for your time, Marc.

Problems with next and previous page text

When I load a gallery that requires previos and next page links, the text isn't displayed like my configuration text values. Can you fix it? check this problem in


Fatal error: Call to undefined function: html_entity_decode() in

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: html_entity_decode() in /home/sites/site133/web/phpalbum/main.php on line 652

Please help, looks like a great script

album name and next previous...

I upgraded to and it works, excpet when I am viewing an image, on the top left the album name isn't there anymore, and to the right the next image and previous image links aren't there either...

please help?

Album display

Isn't it possible to start a new row of albums.
Because if you have more than 50 Albums you must scroll all the time..

can't use czech characters in directory/file names

v setupu neni mozne na serveru vytvaret adresare (alba) obsahujici ceske znaky - pri nastavenem UTF-8 se funkci create na serveru vytrvari adresare, kde jsou misto ceskych znaku otazniky. Napr "ěščřž" vytvori "?????". Pokud se v phpalbu nastavi nejaka ceska sada napr windows-1250, tak se na serveru vytvori spravne adresare s ceskymi znaky (videno pres ftp klienta) ale v setupu phpalba se takove adresare zobrazi jen jako "[]" (tedy nic) a neda se s nimi pracovat (uploadovat tam fotky atd). Server je pry redhat Linux, jsou na nem weby v cestine bezproblemu. mozna bude problem nekde v prevodech znakovych sad, diky za pomoc nebo radu. rob.

url encode?

I noticed that with an older version that the file name in the address bar was encoded... now it's the regular file name. I liked it when it was encoded... do you know how i can get that back?

For example in the address bar, instead of it showing test.jpg, it showed fjjdkie9372.jpg.

Website Name

I noticed that when using the Borders option, I can't get the website name to show up in graphics. It defaults to Am I missing something?

Little JPEG bug


I just tried your phpAlbum and it is a very good script, but is looked at the sourcecode and found an error:
you used this function to get the extension: $t=strtoupper(substr($var1,-3,3));
and after this:
if($t=="GIF" ||$t=="PNG" ||$t=="JPG" ||$t=="JPEG") return true;
but for JPEG it must be:
if($t=="GIF" ||$t=="PNG" ||$t=="JPG" ||strtoupper(substr($var1,-4,4)); =="JPEG") return true;

and you used this
Function every time to look wether it's a JPEG or not... so it can never be true...

Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany ;-)

Need to change Spelling of CAHNGE TO CHANGE

In file

should be Change

I had to chagne it manually last 2 updates.

Also when you FTP folder up and I change folders I get function not found error as well.

Thought you like to know.

Re: mp3 download not working

Hey, yes i am workink on that problem with saving photos, first time it is ok, but when they are already cached, it does'nt work. I tomorrow i will post some bugfix, or new version with some not perfect version of commenting photos ..

Re: Problem with downloading videos

Thankx for posting, i will check it and post tomorrow some bugfix or new version.

Also I noticed that I can

Also I noticed that I can now download music, and save images by right click... but animated GIF are no longer animated... why?

Re: Thumbnails not displayed

Reason for this problem was most time memory limit on server, i have tried also 4Mpix pictures with more then 2MB on my server and it works ... you have to find just the right server ... but i will check if this limit is possible to change with some function ... but i don't think so ... if you find no such server you will hav tu make the pictures little bit smaller with some program like ImageMagick ...

May be i make in future some test with some free PHP servers and make here on site some list of which are working with this script and normal picture sizes and so on...

Re: Suggestion

Thank you for taking time to posting your suggestions.

First to the second suggestion. It could be easy to add some functionality besides upload from disk also some get-from-web-upload. But this would be the same as you would copy the image in to your photo dir. What you want is possibly something like adding a web-link to photo. Hmm... really interesting idea. I just wrote both functionalities in my ToDo.

Now the first one suggestion. Now you have separate password to setup and each directory. For only looking you don't need setup password. This is functionality what is normally enough for personal albums. For personal photo albums you relly don't need some user login and so on. Never the less, implementing multiple users system is something what i'm always thinking about, but the priority is not so high as for example, voting, posting comments, better look with some 2-3 new themes and improving customizability and mulitple language support. After all this, may be will come the first "Log-in" in

This all takes much time, so i don't see this could be earlier as February or March.

Thankx, and bye!

Re: installation problem

Hello, i'm not sure what you mean. Did you installed with our installation wizard or you wanted upload it manually with some ftp client? But i see in both variants nothing what could cause that you are unable to upload some whatever file. Do you have enough space on webserver? Do you have some error message?

Re: Descriptions

Hi, go to the setup page, then click on Directories. You will get all directories in your photos-directory. There you can setup passwords for directories and short description of directory. You can there also click on specific directory ( each directory name is a link ). And there you can describe your photos ... don'nt forget save all changes.

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