how align the logo to the center?

first, Id like to thank you for the easy photo album, its great!
I was looking for a photo album I could easily update while travelling, and that thing is exactly what I was looking for!

but I have a small question=

How can I center the top logo? it sems to be aligned left...
and Id like to make it centered..

Thank you

For this you have to edit

For this you have to edit imageview.tpl.php and album.tpl.php. There is on the begining of the file one <TD> tag with

<?print $logo;?>

in it. Just change the attribute align="left" of this tag to center.


Thank you!

Thank you!

where are these files?

**never mind I found the files!**

You can find them in

edited, sry... i missunderstood the edited post

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