Where to start after Installation

Hi I installed phpAlbum.net on my domain. Installation was successful but unable to get any help as to how do I go ahead in accessing the installation to create my photo album on my website.

Any help in the regards is greatly appreciated.

Start here

It is surprisingly easy to sort out. First, install phpAlbum using the installer ( alot easier that doing it by hand). Once installed, go to your web adress. Log in (username and password are defaulted to admin). Then click on 'Setup' (just under the the 'Search' button). First things first, change your password. Then play with the settings. I would suggest having 2 tabs/windows open so you can quickly see the results of your playing.

You can upload photos and albums in 2 ways. Either via ftp in the Album or, and my favoured way, via your own ftp programme (I use Filezilla). Then simply add your folders to your Photos folder and then fill your folders with pics. You can of course just add your pics to the Photos folder and just let them sit there uncatergorised of course.

Changing the appearance is simple too. Just go to themes and play (that's why I'd have another tab/window open. Each time youchange something, have a quick look to see if you like it). And changing the displayed text is done through the Translation section. Scroll down and change what you like.

If I can do it, so can anyone.

Hope this is what you wanted to hear

Oh, and I love this script.


How to into admin panel?

Hi, LoonyTune,
I not very clear what are you saying. Login? Use which username? which password? during installation didn't ask any user name or password for admin panel. Only ask web server username and password.
I used that one (my all domain username and password) not any result; not any error messages, red letter warnings, or anything about accepted. same as before. So I want to know little detailly.
If you can help me, very very thanks alot.

I've placed an answer in

I've placed an answer in your other forumpost about the login-question.
Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

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