Updates? Is this project dead?

There has not been any new updates in almost a year! Is phpAlbum still being developed/maintained or is it a dead project? If it is being maintained is there a chance of a new release soon?

Hi, yes, if you look at the


yes, if you look at the updates in last time, it is almost dead. But it is not really. The problem is, this is a one man (me) project. And the code is so bad I have almost no fun to work with it, and have other things I have to do in my free time too (family, house ...) . For example this one project :) click here

But, I am working now on phpAlbum-2, which will support only PHP >=5.3.0, will be completely object oriented, and therefore much easier for me to develop. Many things I can take from phpAlbum, so not everything will be re-coded (this would take way too much time). I hope I can soon release first beta. May be this will have no new features, even less features as actual release. But I think with my experience with this project, I am able to do it much better, and it will be easier to implement new features, and plug-ins.

Hope you can understand me, phpAlbum as is, is a dead project, but soon phpAlbum-2 will raise, and I promise, this will be much much better.

Sounds Good!

I am glad to hear that you are working on the next version. I will be excited to test it out. I will have to see about recompiling php on my server (a little tricky with the permissions I have). Thank you so much for the software you provide. It has been a great help to me. Last summer we hosted hundreds of pictures with hundreds of views at http://photos.csehy.com/. I hope to use your software again this summer.

I know that side projects get worked on when there it time. Still, I was wondering how far along your are coming. Do you think you will have a beta sometime this summer?


Hi Patrik,
it's cold outside and your garden house must be finished. (-:

Have you got any time to move forward with development of phpAlbum-2?

I've implemented phpAlbum on my website http://photos.psomart.cz, but I'm looking for new features which can be implemented (eg. video, more web-inserted pictures parameters).

Thanks for response.


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