Just one Thumbnail on the Startpage

Hi Patrik

Thanks a lot for your great piece of software!

I just have a problem wirt the thumbs on the startpage.
There is just one (the first) thumb displayed.

If i enter a album, i can see all thumbs....

Do you have an idea ?

here is the link to our phpAlbum: http://www.beatrix-eggert.de/fotos

Greetings from NZ to the other side of the planet


I think you have some

I think you have some problems with access rights on your data directory ... to check this I would need your FTP Account.

As you see the new directory newseeland works, but the photos in your root not, Could it be that they are not even there?

you could try to chmod all files in your data directory to 777, or change the owner so that php can write them ...

Thx for the quick reply But

Thx for the quick reply

But all files in the data dir have 777.
And the thumbs were displayed if the link looks like this:

but not if looks like this:

In the root were no pictures, now i paste some and i cant see them anywhere...
Even not in the setup menue (galleries and thumbnails).
If i choose root ( /(5) ) it jupps to /neuseeland/ (29)!

I also made a test dir with the same pictures like in root,
and they are visible.

If you still need a ftp account i will create you one and send it via mail.


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