Decreasing border thickness around full-size images

I was able to set the thumbnails border width in the default.css file using the class IMG.thmb.

Now I want to decrease the very thick border displayed around the full-size images. I tried to modify engine.php at line 811 & 813:



but now I get a "header missing" error:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by...

Even if I change back to the original values of 40, and overwrite the engine.php file, I get the errors. Must be some kind of db conflict?

Anyway, I will reinstall, but is there any way to decrease the border thickness?

Hi, some times it is enough

Hi, some times it is enough to change the color of that border to the same as the background. May be for you it is also just eneough.

For some applications it is not enough because of taking of the place with that "invisible" borders. The easiest way to do it is change the imageview.tpl.php in your theme. Find there where $total_width and $total_height are used and replace them by $width and $height ( delete the total_ ). It should work i just tested it.

Remark: there is also thin (1px) border around the picture, this you have to change also here in img tag, there is border="1" and the color of the border.



Thank you, Patrik. I am

Thank you, Patrik. I am finding this program more useful every day.

I think this will work perfectly.

I will change the imageview.tpl.php to not display the thick background. Then I will modify the default.css (I think the class is photo) and make a slightly thicker border with it (maybe 5px).

The other way would be to just make the thick border color the same as the background, and increase the css border. The only problem there is that background images could be obscured by the thick border.

Thanks again for answering my question.

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