"Add New Comment" Is Not Restricted

Brand new album. It appears that anyone can post a comment. You do not need to be logged in to do this.

I would like the following functionality:
- Anti-Spam for signing up for a new account.
- New accounts become limited users who can NOT comment. (I thought that the "guests" group would do this, but I am wrong.)
- Only those people in the correct group can comment.
- Name can not be changed when making a comment.

Thank you

What I did was add a check

What I did was add a check if the user is a guest. You can also change it to:
to affect all 'new users' also.

<? if( $post_comment_link && $pa_user["name"]=="guest"){ ?>
You need to be logged in to comment.
<? } else { ?>
<a class="me" href="<?=$post_comment_link?>"><?p("ID_ADD_COMMENT");?></a>
<? } ?>

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