No idea where to start

I have NO knowledge of PHP so im sure I have my work cut out for me. I downloaded this program so I could create private photo galleries for my clients. I am a photographer and this seemed like the best way to offer a proofing gallery for them to privately view their photos before ordering.

Anywho, I downloaded and installed all the files using the manual uploader. Everything is on my server but I don't know what to do with it. Im logged into my account here at but I don't see anything on here that tells me what to do once it's uploaded.

How do I create my galleries? How do I password protect them? My goal is to make it so each client is only able to view their own photos, but only one log in screen is necessary. So basically if client A wanted to view their pics, they would have to input their personal username and password. Upon doing that it would lead them to their private gallery. Same with client B. Is this possible and if so, can you please tell me how to go about this?

So basically where I stand right now at the very beginning with my hair in my hands. The content is on my server, but what do I do with it so I can view it, link to it, etc.

Thanks in advance!


Ok I figured out everything except how to password protect each gallery. I don't want any joe schmo to be able to view the galleries. I want it protected so ther eis a seperate userne and password for each gallery. That way, gallery 1 can be for client a's photos (which is a unique username and pass). Then gallery 2 can be for client b's photos (again with a different usernae and password).

Does that make sense? How can I do this? I don't have anything in my admin area that say directories. There's no way to do this that I can see. Can someome please help me??

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