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Is it possible to allow anonymous users to upload photos into a gallery and post comments? Also, I would like the administrator to have the ability to view the images and comments before posting them onto the site.

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Comments yes, photos no. In

Comments yes, photos no.
In Setup->Comments and Voting there is a option "Publish only approved comments".


Is voting already applied? How to enable?

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Thank you for your response Patrik. I also wanted to know if it is possible to disable the user login feature and allow the public to create albums and upload photos into the albums. Once the anonymous user creates the album and starts uploading images, I would like for a message to pop up letting them know that the administrator will look at the gallery and images and approve them to ensure they are appropriate for viewing. I would use captha to avoid spam getting in. I understand that not utilizing the user login feature is a crazy idea, but the reason why I am asking is because I'm creating a site for a commitee that are not very computer savvy.


Thanks a lot patrik. I am

Thanks a lot patrik. I am also facing this problem. Actually I am making the huge search marketing group online. This is like the social networking websites. And we in touch with every time with every body. But simple this problem stop my all work. Because those people which want business and want to talk with other guys, are very busy. So if in comments any spammer put spams, this will decreases all my websites accuracy. No my second challenge is to write any type of code which show their hidden camera live clips online for security reasons. You all people know that in these days this type of programming is needed. And I need it because 75% businessmen in my website will bankers.

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