Resized pictures not always available

In my albums I have my 12 megapixel pictures so I can share them with my client. But, not all the lowres-resized pictures will show up; these pictures are not available, see

It's strange that this appear on about 2/3 of the gallery. Some pictures are okay, others will not create the resized pictures. The album-thumbnails doesn't seem to have this problem. I've tried to disable the cache, but it won't help.

Somebody a solution for this?

Looks like you already use

Looks like you already use other software. Sorry for not answering your question so looong...

My phpalbum-gallery is still

My phpalbum-gallery is still online, please look at

Still the same problem (and

Still the same problem (and I moved my phpalbum to the root again), see:

The large (groot) preview won't load. The small (klein) image does work, so my original file seems to be okay.

Looks like most images are

Looks like most images are working, try to delete your cache in phpAlbum.

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I've tried deleting the

I've tried deleting the cache, but it won't help.

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