I have one question,is possible create phpAlbum in inside site

Hello,the first sorry for my english:).I want to create phpAlbum on my site.When you click on the button "gallery" create a new list where you see phpalbum.But i want that when you click on the button "gallery" you show phpalbum only in content.Header,buttons,footer still visible on the site.Please help with this problem.Thank you very much.

Rendering ÿØÿà instead of my pictures... broken picture links

I finished installing, but I only have broken picture links, the functionality allow me to uplod pictures, but all the links ends broken when displayed and this characters appear too: ÿØÿà

What is wrong?

I'm new to all of this too.

I'm new to all of this too. Also interested to know if the album can be setup as content in an existing page. Or would it be easier to just write my own album?

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