Problem - 'upgrading' notice on my PHPalbum page

I just noticed on my site -

It looks like it was upgraded automatically. I did not initiate this.

that I now get:

upgrading from:to
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version
applying changes for version

Any idea how to get back to normal?



same problem since 1 week

Hi I have exactly the same problem since one week.

could it be a probleme of php version on the server?

might have fixed it

I posted this a while back on another post after f*cking around. it seems to work. You will have to do some new setup stuff. but the following worked in my case.

What I did:

in the data directory (on the server)- ftp all the files in the data directory into your hard drive

delete all the files from the data directory (dont delete the directory itself, just the files)

Go to the album main page on your site. do a reload refresh (or whatever it is in your browser). This will generate a new database.

Now go to your ftp program and ftp ALL the files that you copied to your hard drive back to the data directory overwrite the files except the following files (you want the newly created files below to stay):

Again, go back to your main page, reload again. You should see your directories but no pictures.

Log into your page

'scan' the directories

It should be OK

The only question I have is with the sequence #. Not sure if I need to reset it or not.

If I find any other problems and a fix, I will update


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