Where are we now?

I asked this question already nearly a year ago now! It's been a long time since the last new version that had any major changes. I would love to see a new version of this so my question is when will it be released?

Yes, this is very good

Yes, this is very good question. Actually the new version is almost ready to be released. The only problems now are Themes. Probably I will have to drop support for one of the themes as it takes the most time to change them.

I know, the last major release is quite old, and from this point of view you could say, this is a "dead project", but it isn't.

So, to answer your question: I do not know. It is bad, I know, and many of phpAlbum users are switched to other software because of it, and I can fully understand it. I would most likely do the same.

I will probably drop support for the Borders Theme and if I do it, it is very likely that I could release new version in January.

I also plan to make some nice themes available to be bought on this site for some little fee like 5€. Because as I said, it takes the most time to support the themes and my time is very expensive :) But first I need to release the new version.

Thanks for the quick and

Thanks for the quick and clear answer! I can see why people have switched to other albums but I have to say this is still my favourite, so I would love to see a new version!

I'd say; drop the Borders Theme and bring out the new version... and like you said add support for it later for a small fee!


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