Home | Photoalbum :: Photos --> showing all the php files

I loaded the files and configured twice with the same results

when I go to Home | Photoalbum :: Photos here

All the files from the dir Photo Album are showing as file for downloading?

My album Sun and Fun once selected

Home | Photoalbum :: Photos :: Sun and Fun

All the photos show up and look and things work fine.

What am I doing wrong, when I go to Setup :: Galleries under Gallery (Please choose the gallery you want to setup. If you do not find what you expected, try to scan direcotries with the link donw ..)

there is /35 for a selection and Sun and Fun.

Please advise.

##### I found where and how to remove the files from view - I deselected the visibility box on each file

Thanks for such a great app... in use at http://www.kidsinneed.org/Photo%20Album/main.php?cmd=album

Kids In Need.

Mike Russavage

It looks to me that your

It looks to me that your photo and data dir are the same.
There are 2 files visible (table.comments_1001.lck en table.new_comments.lck)

Joep Meijer

Using phpAlbum on

Re: Two files,

Hello Joep,

Thanks for the heads up.

I corrected the visibility of those two files.

they must have slipped by me.

I appreciate your help.


Mike Russavage

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