running great for years, now prob out of the blue

I've been running phpalbum for about 2 years now @

I went to add a new album, but the new album doesn't want to display anything correctly. In the setup I am getting the error:
Directory cache_42f19bca/ is not writable, change rights with CHMOD !

I've made no changes... and the directory is CHMOD'd right. What might be the issue, given I haven't changed anything?


still exists

good afternoon,

this problem still exists. does anyone know how to remedy this? the images are not too big, 1024x768 and all sizes are around 500KB or smaller. I've tried deleting the writability test file and folder. the permissions are set up.

did i encounter the maximum number of albums that phpalbum allows?I have about 37 or 38 albums.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I would assume that your

I would assume that your server provider changed something. Most likely are the files created by phpAlbum not more writable. You shuld chown them to actual user under wich is php running (as I would assume it has been changed) or you can chmod 777 all the files in the cache_directory to see if it helps. It could be that you have the same problem with data directory too.


Thank you, Patrick. I've

Thank you, Patrick. I've tried your suggestion, but the problem remained. I did a re-install of the script, and the issue seems to have been resolved, but I am experiencing some problems now with albums that were once otherwise fine.

I'm going to change webhosts, and I'm sure that will alleviate a lot of problems, and I'll start from scratch with phpalbum at that time, too.


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